As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our practice is committed towards local, state and federal initiatives to prevent the transmission of this disease, and promote all forms of social distancing whilst recognising the need to continue to deliver healthcare in a safe manner to our patients.

We will be immediately providing telehealth appointments using internet technology where possible for all patient consults, and also limiting the number of patients who require physical consultations through our practice. 

Some instances whereby telehealth appointments will be specifically provided:

  • Patients who are at high risk as deemed by current Department of Health & Human Services guidelines, such as recent travel history, positive symptoms, contact with known cases of COVID-19

  • Patients who simply require a consultation regarding their recent test results or outcome of their endoscopic procedures

  • Patient preference for telehealth rather than physical attendance (this will depend upon the clinical circumstances)

There will be no out of pocket fees for any telehealth appointments conducted.

Although our preference is for face to face video conferencing, we appreciate that this may not always be possible or available, and in these instances, our staff and surgeons will provide telephone consultations as the alternative. 

As the situation evolves and we receive new guidelines, our practice will change but inform our patients and colleagues accordingly.

We also please request that all patients attending our practice maintain the appropriate standards of social distancing and make liberal use of the hand sanitisers that are provided on site.

We thank all our patients, staff and colleagues for their understanding and co-operation during these challenging times.

Face masks

Although the wearing of face masks presently has not been mandated for persons living outside of Melbourne or the Mitchell Shire, we strongly recommend this practice as it is a cheap and easy measure to help protect ourselves and the community. Our staff and doctors will be wearing face masks whilst in the practice and also commit towards social distancing practice as much as practically possible. Please remember - by staying apart, we stay together.

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